Fitbit Force Review

I was excited to receive my Fitbit Force in the mail last week, because I’m constantly looking at my Flex to see what time it is (there is, of course, no clock on the Flex, so this habitual action frequently leaves me feeling quite stupid). The Force is definitely a bit heavier and almost twice as wide, but the quality of the display was excellent and the ability to interact with the device with a button rather than crude tapping gestures was great. Unfortunately, the Force is not even remotely waterproof! I wore it accidentally in the shower for 20 seconds before remembering to take it off, and the device shorted out. For about half a day, the Force flickered on and off while intermittently displaying the Fitbit logo, and condensed water was visible inside the display. Although it ultimately started working again, the problem reemerged after 5 minutes of washing dishes so I stopped wearing the device.

Condensed Water Inside the Force

Condensed Water Inside the Force

Given the durability of the Flex, I was shocked that a device which feels just as rugged can’t even handle a splash of water. Having a display to show time and step count is a great feature, but if you can’t even wash dishes with it, I think there’s a brand-damaging design flaw in this product. The whole point of the Flex is that it’s thoughtless, and simply disappears into your life for days at a time until it needs to be charged. If getting my activity tracker wet is instead tantamount to spilling water on a mogwai,  that completely changes the use case and makes it stick out like a sore thumb in my daily routine. I’ll be returning Fitbit’s latest creation, and leaving “the force” to Starwars…


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  1. […] the periods when I wasn’t wearing the FitBit due to loosing one in the Bahamas or having my Force short out on me. Here is the plot of this data, along with a linear regression and R^2 […]

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